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Our selection of food and wine products stems from a long personal search. We have travelled for a long time, met dozen of producers, spoken to unique persons deeply in love with their land and its fruits, tasted the best items offered by these amazing realities.

We have addressed all these situations with a firm belief: We are the very first customers of Profonda Sardegna. If we like a product, if its flavour and scent seem to be unique and unmistakable, if its territory is wonderful and uncontaminated, if its producers are genuine, then it is fit for Profonda Sardegna. This is the only way we may assure you the best quality of selected, authentic and high-quality products.

Besides, our selection include only native products, whose cultivation and processing are typical of the Sardinian food-and-drink cultural tradition, and wholly carried out in the island. Thanks to taste experts’ passion and skilfulness that produce them, these products reach nowadays the highest levels of quality.

Further on you can find a list of our producers. We are constantly working on that in order to enrich it and to include more and more food-and-drink specialities which can really like you.

For those people interested in finding out places and people involved in the production of our items, we organize custom trips to Sardinia, designed to join together relax and tasting, sea and art. Click here for more info.