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About us

We live in Switzerland but Sardinia lives in our heart.

Our strong connection with this amazing island gave us the possibility to get to know to its less-known wonderful places. Our enthusiasm led us to the idea of sharing the incredible and diverse flavours and scents of the local production with those people that, just like us, already love this land or will learn to love it through its products. 


We frequently travel to Sardinia looking for new flavours and stories.

We personally met each producer, listened to their stories, perceived their love and respect for the land where they work, felt their passion for work.

With that same passion we introduce you our food and drink proposals from Sardinia, an accurate selection of the best  products of the Sardinian reality.


Each product is a story,  a tale,  a discovery of a Sardinian area.  A wine embraces the properties of its own terroir, a honey reveals its beekeeper’s great love for his own bees; an extra-virgin olive oil reminds of the sea and Mediterranean scents.


Start with us a travel among the tastes of a land waiting to be explored. An island as deep and intense as its sea with its different shades of blue (cobalt, turquoise, and light blue). As deep and intense as its earth, full of natural treasures, waiting to be deeply experienced. As deep and intense as its strenuous, brave, bashful and modest people, of an amazing strength, genuineness and generosity. As deep and intense as its food-and-drink tradition, stemmed and developed from hard work, able to enhance simply flavours and make them sophisticated.